Your jewellery is in great hands.

At Robins Goldsmithing, we do the repairs with our own hands, in our workshop, on-site.

We are really proud of our reputation as the “go to” repair shop in South Western Ontario. Our workshop is just behind the showroom. Our guarantee is that we will fix it quickly and with care.

Your ring or any jewellery item will receive complementary life-time cleaning if it was purchased or repaired at Robins Goldsmithing. We also offer annual check ups to make sure all components of your jewellery are safe and secure


Your ring gets a lot of wear. From daily chores to exposure to the elements, your ring needs some TLC to keep it in fine form.

Ring Re-Shanking

Over time, precious metals tend to wear down and become thinner than its original purchased form. We can re-shank your ring and restore it to look like they day you bought it!

Diamond/Stone Setting

If your diamond or stone has fallen out of its setting, we can reset it and make it stronger than it was prior to falling out. In some cases, if you have a loose diamond or stone it may be beneficial to have them reset to ensure their security.

Claw Re-Tipping

If you have a broken claw, or your current claws are wearing thin, then we can replace or restore them. This is a proactive way to keep your diamond and stone safe and secure.

Ring Refurbishing

Sometimes pieces get inherited or handed down from family members and the design is just not something you see yourself wearing everyday. We can take outdated designs and refurbish any piece and repurpose it to create a beautiful, one of a kind design that you can take pride in wearing. We are able reuse the gold in order to keep the sentimental value of the piece intact.

Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings

From a single and elegant string of pearls to an elaborate diamond bracelet we will make sure the claps are working and the jewellery is safe and secure. Wear it with confidence and looking its best!


Whether it’s a broken chain, earring, bracelet or ring we can solder it back to form. In most cases you will not even be able to tell where we repaired your piece!


This is a common practice with pearl bracelets and necklaces and is where the string holding the pearls together is becoming weathered or damaged. Restringing allows us to restore the integrity of the piece.

Clasps and Closures

Chains and bracelets use different clasp mechanisms in order to secure the piece around your body. Earrings commonly use different types of closures to secure it in your ears. In both cases, we carry multiple types of each clasps and closures on site to ensure efficient response to your repair needs.

Other Services


We can engrave most jewellery using a number of different fonts for your preference. We can also engrave on the inside of any rings!

Rhodium Plating

All white gold will need to be refurbished and freshened up at some point. We have a rhodium plating station set up in our workshop to keep your white gold looking brand new!

Silver Plating

We will restore your silver plated treasure with care.

Cleaning and Polishing

We take pride in showing the true beauty of all jewellery. Our workshop is equipped with our very own jewellery cleaning station complete with a polishing wheel, ultrasonic pulse and a pressurized heat steam to ensure every dust particle has been removed from every piece of jewellery we clean!