About Robins Goldsmithing

Over 40 Years of Experience

“It’s the ultimate immigrant tale of a native of Guyana who comes to Canada with $50 in his pocket to found a store called Robins Goldsmithing that now calls uptown Waterloo home.” — Waterloo Chronicle
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Roy Ramsammy opened the original Robins jewellery repair shop in downtown Kitchener in 1990.  He had a flair for design and the talent to create stunning final products, Robins Goldsmithing quickly expanded.  Roy’s son Derrick joined the family business and was an integral part of the bold move to Uptown Waterloo, the new contemporary showroom and modern repair shop at King and Allen.

Superior Customer Service

At Robins Goldsmithing, we go the extra mile. We guarantee it! Adding value to your experience at Robins is something we take pride in. We reward our customers’ loyalty with:

  • Complimentary life-time cleaning of any piece purchased or repaired at Robins
  • Annual check ups to make sure all components of your jewellery is safe and secure
  • Engraving on any piece purchased (where applicable)
  • Appraisal to accompany any engagement rings/wedding bands
  • Donate a pair of diamond stud earrings to your stag and doe when both engagement ring and wedding bands are purchased

Commitment to Community

Roy and Derrick’s commitment and belief in supporting the community has lead to an academic scholarship that is awarded to a Kitchener Ranger monthly. You never know who you will meet at Robins Goldsmithing… some of the NHL’s biggest stars are customers.

Robins supports many local organizations including St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, KW Humane Society, and many more.

If you’d like to discuss your organization please get in touch.

Pressure-Free Environment

We simply look to aid our customers in finding or creating the perfect piece for that special someone. No matter how specific or detailed your desires are, we can help you find or create that piece.

Skip the Middleman

At Robins, you are talking directly with the people that will be repairing your jewellery. We can have your repair completed at your convenience while not having any added fees as we do the work ourselves.

A History of Robins Goldsmithing


Located on Halls Lane in downtown Kitchener, Robins Goldsmithing becomes incorporated as a registered business and begins operations with the parameters of being a jewelry repair wholesaler for local retail stores.


By 1995, Robins Goldsmithing was recognized as a cost efficient, local solution for many jewelry retailers within the region of Waterloo. Robins Goldsmithing had now established over 15 retail stores as regular customers.


Robins Goldsmithing moves from downtown Kitchener to Kingsway Dr. and establishes a larger location.  The store allows Robins to expand its repair shop and continues to grow its retail store wholesale repairs. This was also the inception of custom design jewelry at Robins Goldsmithing.


Having developed a very sizeable customer base, Robins Goldsmithing decided it was time to establish a retail showroom. This created an avenue to better serve its entire customer’s wants and needs.


Robins Goldsmithing moved to 188 King St. in Waterloo. This move was undertaken with the sole purpose of creating a better all-round experience for both current and potential customers by adding a modern touch to the existing processes that have built this company from the beginning.